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We love oysters

A true gift from the sea!

Wild Creuse from DZM

Crassostrea gigas is the Latin name for the pacific oyster or creuse. Much appreciated straight from the shell but also very good au gratin. Wild creuses are collected by hand during low tide in designated sites. This oyster is available between May and October, which is the low season of the farmed oysters.


The wild oyster lives with the tides and survives lying dry during low tide, enduring both freezing cold and heat. That is why it is a very strong oyster that does not disappoint in quality during  summertime.

Emmer Wilde oesters.png
Zeeuwse wilde oesters.jpg

Breeding area

Our wild Zeeland creuses are picked by hand from reclaimed designated parcels on the Oosterschelde. This oyster also has a unique taste and is appreciated at home and abroad.

Product category

Live oyster


0, 1, 2 and 3


All year round

Storage temperature

2 to 7 ° C

Sorting / packaging

In wooden baskets


If you would like to receive more information about our company as a supplier of shellfish, please contact our sales department. They are happy to inform you in detail about our company, products and possibilities.

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