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The most beautifull shellfish from the sea

Taste, experience and enjoy!

Razor clams from DZM

Ensis directus is the scientific name for razor clams. The razor is a very popular shellfish, not only in the countries around the Mediterranean, but also in global growth markets people appreciate this specialty. DZM fishes for razors all year round with the YE118 Noordland.


The razor fishing by DZM has been MSC certified for years. The razors are carefully taken from the soil so that they do not become stressed, which is very important for the quality.


Fishing area

FAO 27/iv c, Northsea

On board

Immediately after having been caught, the razor clams are stored on board in depuration tanks  located in the ship's hold. These tanks are connected to seawater and air. Like this the razor clams can spit out sand. After 24 hours they are practically sand-free. 

In the factory

At DZM's factory, the desanding process is completed whereafter the razorclams are graded and packed.


The entire cycle from catch to customer is under  control of specialists. The product is processed under the right temperatures, even in summer, in order to guarantee an excellent quality product.

Product category

Live shellfish


Between 10 and 16 cm


All year round

Storage temperature

2 to 7° C

Sorting / packaging

* Fresh / alive, traditionally packed in bundles of 500gr or 1000gr.

   6 x 500gr or 3 x 1000gr per tempex box

* Fresh alive, packed in cardboard MAP tray.  Packing is 90% recyclable. 14 x 500gr   or 8x1000gr per carton

* Deep frozen, loose frozen (IQF) and packed in 10kg cardboard box with plastic       inner bag

* Frozen, semi IQF in a sealed cardboard tray. 12 x 500gr or 8x1000gr per  carton

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If you would like to receive more information about our company as a supplier of shellfish, please contact our sales department. They are happy to inform you in detail about our company, products and possibilities.

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