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Black gold from

the sea

Rope-culture mussels

Rope-culture mussels from DZM

Mytilus edulis is the name of a bivalve shellfish  that enjoys immense popularity. In our rope culture musselfarm, we cultivate quality mussels on ropes as per traditional methods. The rpoduct finds its way to the discerning consumer. Farming  rope culture mussels is a labor-intensive and specialized work that we have done in a traditional way for more than 30 years now.


Our mussels are pure and natural, which, much to our pride, has been rewarded with a BIO (organic) certification. As a mussel farmer, we set high standards for quality, not only of the product but also of the reliability of our transport. Moreover, personal contact is also an important approach at  DZM. 


Farming area

North Sea and Grevelingen

Farming method

Rope culture mussels do not grow in the soil, but hang on ropes in the current. That is why they are naturally sand-free. Consequently these mussels are ready for consumption without having to go through a desanding process. Due to the  controlling of the breeding process, rope culture mussels are usually available a few weeks earlier than bottom mussels.

Product category

Live shellfish


Small and large


From May

Storage temperature

2 to 7° C

Sorting / packaging

The Zealand rope culture mussels are packed in cardboard MAP packaging of 500 or 750 grams. Or in jute bags of 15 kg.


We can also pre-cook and vacuum pack the  mussels for you (au bain-marie) so you only have to heat them up.


If you would like to receive more information about our company as a supplier of shellfish, please contact our sales department. They are happy to inform you in detail about our company, products and possibilities.

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