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Black gold from

the sea

Bottom-culture mussels

Bottom-culture mussels from DZM

Mytilus edulis is the name of a marine mollusk that enjoys immense popularity. The Zealand bottom culture mussel is world famous for its specific taste, firm bite and structure. Zeeland bottom culture mussels are farmed in areas with the correct soil conditions and in relatively shallow water, so that the mussels are assured of sufficient food. The Mussel shell contains delicious tender mussel meat, the taste of which you will certainly appreciate. As a mussel farmer, we set high standards for our quality. With us, you can not only rely on the highest product quality. The reliability of our transport and personal sales are also important items within DZM Mussels.


Farming area

Oosterschelde and Wadden Sea

Farming method

Bottom culture mussels are cultivated on the farm sites,  from seed to semi-grown mussels and finally to consumption mussels. The mussel seed is obtained from our own MZI (mussel seed capture installation).

Product category

Live shellfish


Goudmerk, Jumbo, Imperial, Super en Extra


From July

Storage temperature

2 to 7° C


The Zealand bottom culture mussels are packed in  cardboard MAP packaging of 500 or 750 grams. Or in jute bags of 15 kg.

We can also pre-cook and vacuum pack the  mussels for you (au bain-marie) so you only have to heat them up.


If you would like to receive more information about our company as a supplier of shellfish, please contact our sales department. They are happy to inform you in detail about our company, products and possibilities.

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